Winter ‘Tweasonal’ Beer Naming Contest

Our brewers are great at brewing up creative, artistic ales with equally as creative and artistic names for them. For our next tweasonal, a hoppy brown ale releasing in January, we’d like to include you, our loyal followers, in the process. So let’s let the brewers do the brewing and our friends do the naming!

Here are a few tips:
1. It just so happens that our seasonal / tweasonal names tend to end in -er and we kinda like it (Forester, Leaf Blower, Rambler, Wayfarer, Harvester…)
2. Some reference to the season or time of year is preferable, but not mandatory
3. The beer will be released in 6-packs so visualize how your name will look on our packaging too
4. Don’t pick the name “Ground Hogger” – our owner already got squashed on that one

This will be fun. Just leave your ideas in the comments here or on our Facebook post below. We’ll pick our favorite in our meeting next week and then make a big festive announcement when the beer releases next month. If we pick your name – we will be in touch and let you know your prize! Cheers!

The Highest Rated Beers From Every State

We don’t pay much attention to lists, but it’s nice to have a shout out for the hard work we do at Green Man. This list from Cool Material compiles all the top rated beers on Beer Advocate from each state. We are proud to represent North Carolina. Check out The Highest Rated Beers From Every State to see which Green Man beer made the list!

The Beast featured in Mtn Xpress

…Green Man specialty brewer Mike Karnowski decided hops would play the starring role in Green Man’s commemorative batch number 666. Dubbed “The Beast,” the beer will be a triple IPA that weighs in at 11.3 percent ABV.

As befitting a beer named The Beast, Karnowski played Iron Maiden to the beer 24 hours a day as it fermented. “I don’t know if the yeast prefer any particular musical style, but the workers at the brewery were definitely losing their minds after listening to Iron Maiden for two weeks straight!” says Karnowski. 

Perhaps more important to the beer’s development, Karnowski dry-hopped it six separate times. “Dry hopping multiple times is a fairly new technique that allows for the hops to have the maximum amount of contact with the beer,” says Karnowski. 

The Beast features mostly Amarillo, Columbus, Simcoe and Centennial hops, which Karnowski says will lead to a blend of floral, minty, dank, tropical and citrus aromas and flavors. It will debut at the brewery on Friday, Dec. 19, and then remain on tap for a limited time.
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Green Man Releases Sessions Lager

This time of year, breweries are mostly putting out darker, robust brews, many of them higher in alcohol.

Asheville’s Green Man Brewing is going a different direction with its new American Lager, a 5.2 percent alcohol brew available at the tasting room, 23 Buxton Ave. in the Asheville brewing district.

Specialty brewer Mike Karnowski used the classic lager ingredients including 6-row malt and flaked maize, hopped with Amarillo, Centennial, Simcoe and Columbus to provide floral notes and a crisp taste.

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