The Demon Dweller release!

Demon Dweller 750

In celebration of both St. Patrick’s Day and our 1 year anniversary in the Green Mansion we will be releasing The Demon Dweller on March 16th for on premise consumption and March 17th, starting at 11AM, for take home sales! Stop by,  grab a bottle and make sure to try the Forester Stout on Nitro!

Thriller Saison Returns in October



Something evil’s lurking in the dark at Green Man Brewery.  The time is drawing near for the special limited release of Thriller Saison, only available during the creepiest season of the year.  This rustic farmhouse ale bids adieu to the carefree sunshine of Summer and ushers in crisp October nights with the combination of hearty beets and juicy blood orange.

The beet addition to this brew offers a sanguine hue, attracting both mortal and otherworldly beings.  Generous additions of Amarillo hops complement the zesty blood orange with floral aromas and notes of grapefruit.  Spicy, dry characteristics from the Saison yeast dances with earthy beet flavors rendering a distintive palate.  Beware, at 7.7 % this sturdy beer is an easy-drinker that may have you howling at the moon!

This tasty treat is only available once a year, so if you are blood(orange)thirsty be sure to haunt Green Man Brewery on October 14th for your first chance for draft pours and 750 mL bottles.   Thriller will be available starting the following week in limited quantities on the shelves at select retailers in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia.


Harvester is back!


While it may seem like we are sweltering through the ‘endless summer’, the fact is that autumn is just around the corner and with it the imminent release of Green Man’s Harvester Ale. Come August, this unique interpretation of the classic German Märzen will start hitting the shelves of groceries, bottle shops, and convenience stores throughout the Southeast.

Harvester displays a deep amber color and a hearty malt bill with notes of caramel and toasted malts. Earthy and spicy Magnum and Palisade hops are highlighted without being overbearing. This beer is rustic and approachable, perfect for balmy evenings, but it’s bold flavors also pair well with that brisk fall breeze that will be creeping in before too long.

Find Harvester Ale at retail establishments which sell great craft beer throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida. Look out for the red and yellow leaves on the Green Man’s foliage to celebrate the approaching relief from the heat!

Maceo and Bootsy Double Bottle Release



You’ve been asking for your buddies Bootsy and Maceo and they are finally ready to make a rare appearence…together! Never miss a Sunday bottle release, this one is sure to be a funky good time.

This strong, sour black ale will funkify your life. Aged in our magic funk barrels for over a year, its so dark you may need a flashlight. This dog has an atomic tartness that will satisfy a nation under a sour beer groove. This beer ain’t nothin’ but a party!

A super limited imperial brown ale aged for 12 months in our magic barrels with an insane amount of sweet Oregon cherries. Pucker up with Maceo and taste the Funk!

Maceo and Bootsy are the most limited of all of our releases. Due to the limited nature of these bottles, the bottle limit will be one of each, all or nothing. One wristband will respresent 1 bottle of Maceo AND 1 bottle of Bootsy. They must be purchased together.

Like the last Snozzberry Day, the line will start at the back door of the Greenmansion. We know y’all will be posted up early, so that morning Melt Your Heart food truck will be serving up delicious breakfast sandwiches.

At noon we will begin the wristbands and wind the line through the production floor. Yes, we know it is a Panthers game and we will be showing it so you can watch from the line. We will also be slinging our cans in the line for $2, CASH ONLY. So bring cash if you will want a cold one while waiting. No outside bottles allowed on the production floor. Our goal is to move the line through as speedily and efficiently as possible.

It is important that you stay in line in order of your wristband number. If you have to go to the bathroom, get back in line in order of your wristband number. Your bottles depend on it.

The wristbands will be clearly numbered and bottles must be purchased in order of your number. You must be in line in order of your number to purchase the bottle. Just having a wristband does not guarantee your bottles, unless you are in line at the time of your number’s turn.

Please be in wristband number order when it comes time to purchase bottles. Due to concerns we have received from guests about people not staying in their line order we have to do it this way to eliminate these complaints. Seriously, its a thing, and we care about your feedback.

We do accept credit cards for bottle sales.

There will be some fun surprises unveiled on draft Sunday, revealing a future package release. Bootsy and Maceo will not be on draft, HOWEVER…..

Friday Sept 16, at 7 pm we will be serving a limited amount of Bootsy upstairs for on-premise consumption only, and

Saturday Sept 17 at 7 pm we will be serving a limited amount of Maceo upstairs for on-premise consumption only.

September 9th: Blue Ridge Parkway Photo Contest and Beer Release

brp photo simple

Celebrate the 100th birthday of the National Park Service with us by participating in our Blue Ridge Parkway Photo Contest!  The Blue Ridge Parkway is the country’s most visited National Park and we are fortunate to have it go right through our community! Submit your best Blue Ridge Parkway photos to [email protected] before September 9th for a chance to win prizes. On September 9th, we will play a slideshow of all the photos submitted on our big screens at the Greenmansion and release a new draft only beer, Native Berry Berliner Weisse. A portion of the proceeds will benefit the Blue Ridge Parkway Foundation.

Rainmaker Double IPA Returns in April

rainmaker 4 pack

Hopheads rejoice!  Green Man’s The Rainmaker Double IPA returns in April.  Beer aficionados prize this highly sought-after, dank beer that’s revered for its complex blend of hop flavors and dangerously smooth drinkability. Clocking in at 9.3% ABV, this behemoth is heavily dry-hopped and bursting with Columbus, Simcoe, Citra, and Chinook hops.

The Rainmaker has received multiple accolades from several beer publications. It scored a 94 rating in Beer Connoisseur Magazine. The editors noted, “..this wonderfully smooth and easy-drinking Double IPA manages to stand out from the pack.”

One of craft beer’s most notable personalities, Charlie Papazian, praised The Rainmaker in All About Beer Magazine as having, “well-balanced bitterness doesn’t attack, but rather blends in with malt complexity and hop flavors and aroma.”  Beer marketing pioneer Charles Finkel described it as “…a masterful balance of cereal and spice, with a lasting ‘come back for more’ finish.” An incredible overall score of 98 makes it one of the highest reviewed beers on

Due to popular demand, it will be available this year in a more functional 4-pack of 12 oz bottles. Look out for it at select retailers that carry great beer throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

Green Man Brewery Releases First Canned Offering

Wayfarer can JPG

Green Man Brewery, which has been a staple in the Asheville beer scene since its conception in 1997, finally has a canned offering available.  Wayfarer IPA is one of Green Man’s most popular rotating offerings that has been offered in 12 oz. bottles in the past.  This Citra-forward IPA will now be available in 12 oz. can 6-packs.

“Wayfarer IPA was the clear choice for our first can,” says Elise Carlson, Director of Marketing. “It’s crisp and refreshing, perfect for a day at the beach or on the river.”

Head brewer John Stuart formulated the recipe for this IPA including loads of flavorful aroma hops and a pale malt bill. This allows for the Citra and Simcoe hops used in the dry-hop to shine through, creating bright notes of citrus hops and a pleasant bitter finish.

Find Wayfarer cans this Spring in select markets in North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennesse and Florida.

Green Man Brewery’s Rambler is Back

Rambler (2)Green Man’s rotating offering, Rambler Dry-Hopped Pale Ale is returning to drive away the snow and summon sunshine and warm breezes. With a combination of British Pale malts and vibrant American hops, this beer has a bright peach-forward aroma and a refreshing, clean body.

Dry-hopping with 1lb of hops per barrel provides a hint of peppery spice in the finish. Rambler holds a style score ranking in the 99th percentile on

Look out for Rambler Dry-Hopped Pale in 12 oz. 6-packs throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Florida.   The packaging depicts the Green Man’s foliage adorned with colorful flowers to celebrate this easy-drinking beer.

Green Man’s La Mas Negra Returns

La Mas Bottle Shot

Green Man Brewery is heating things up for Valentine’s Day this year, with the release of their spicy, chocolatey Imperial Black Ale on February 12th.  This high gravity beer is brewed with specialty roasted malts and a Mexican brown sugar called Panela. It is then aged on cocoa nibs from Asheville’s French Broad Chocolate, cinnamon, ancho, guajillo, and smoked morita chilis.

This limited release is back by popular demand for its second year. On La Mas Negra holds an overall score of 99, and it boasts a world-class 97 from Jason Alström of Beer Advocate.

“It’s a hefty brew with some warmth from the chili peppers and the alcohol, which makes for an interesting dynamic,” says Jason. “The real draw here though, sip after sip, is the impeccable balance. By far the most interesting beer I’ve tried this year.”

Inky black with intense roast and coffee aromas, the flavor blend is an artful combination of cocoa and fruity chilis with just a hint of burn. At 8.9 %, the warming quality of La Mas Negra provides a rich and satisfying palate that complements the distinct notes of chocolate and spice.

La Mas Negra is a small batch offering that will be available in 750 mL bottles and on draft at the tasting room.  Bottles can be purchased at the brewery and select retailers throughout North Carolina, South Carolina, and Tennessee.