John Stuart

John Stuart has been the head brewer at Green Man for 7 years, but began his journey into craft brewing in the early eighties, starting with amateur brewing at home. Mentored by the brewers from a local microbrewery, as well as the late Dr. George Fix, he honed his skills before taking a paid position at a bottling microbrewery in a suburb of Dallas, TX. Leaving Texas in 1990, John jumped into the brewpub world, joining a start up company based in Florida. For the next seven years John worked around the southeast, building and operating what would grow to be a collection of nine brewpubs, before settling in Atlanta to operate the largest brewery in the chain, where he practiced his craft before joining Green Man Brewery in 2007. Just prior to relocating to Atlanta, John took some time off to attend the Siebel Institute of Technology, completing coursework in Malting and Brewing Science, and Quality Control. During his beer travels to the Pacific Northwest and the UK, John developed an appreciation for British style ales, and enjoys studying traditional production techniques. John is married to a local chef, and appreciates the culinary arts as well. When not crafting fine Green Man brews, he spends time outdoors, sailing and hiking in summer, and skiing in winter.

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