We blended 3 years of our famous Snozzberry base to create a new, unfruited, 3 year American Blond Sour. With all the vibrant notes from souring this new addition will have your saddles blazing and pronouncing Frankenstein as Fronkensteen. A perfect balance of silliness, sophistication, and skill.

Alc. by Vol. 5.2%
Maceo Label


A super limited imperial brown ale aged for 12 months in our magic barrels with an insane amount of sweet Oregon cherries. Pucker up with Maceo and taste the Funk!

Alc. by Vol. 8.6%
L'Homme Vert

L’homme Vert

L’homme Vert is a chic traditional farmhouse ale. It’s brewed with 20% roasted butternut and acorn squash along with spelt and local rye malt. It was then fermented with a blend of Belgian saison and witbier yeast and finally magic barrel aged for three months. It has a crisp refreshing character despite it’s alcohol and will get funkier in the bottle over time. À la vôtre!

Alc. by Vol. 8.1%


In Berlin this beer is served with a shot of raspberry or woodruff syrup. Drink it straight or try it sweetened with a syrup of your choice, maple syrup would be uniquely American. Green Man aged this beer for 4 months in a magic barrel – enjoy its bracing tartness and delicate hint of funk. Prost!

Alc. by Vol. 4.6%
Funk Number 49

Funk #49

Asheville’s first sour beer! A complex red ale aged for 6 months in one of our “magic” barrels, then for another 3 months in a rum barrel.  We look forward to its return, one day! Who’s got the funk?  We got the funk!

Alc. by Vol. 6.8%