None More Black

Norwegian brewers have an old tradition of brewing a beer and storing it so if they passed away during the year there would be beer for their funeral. If they didn’t die they would drink it in celebration. Our specialty brewer Mike is following this tradition with this pitch black strong ale aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels. Mike made it through another year so the public gets to enjoy this beer that is so black that if you ask how much more black it could be, the answer is none…..none more black.

Alc. by Vol. 8.2%

Green Man and the Chocolate Factory

The aromas swirl down on groovy Buxton Ave as Green Man and French Broad Chocolate Factory concoct their scrumdiddlyumptiousness next door to each other. This one of a kind Chocolate Stout uses single source Nicaraguan cacao that is infused into the beer with the extraordinarily unique technique of forced cavitation. It’s a collaboration of love bringing together two great tastes that taste great together. “You’re going to love this… just love it!”



Vanilla and coconut aromas and subtle, complimentary flavors are the result of six months in second-use whiskey barrels. Hints of Applewood smoked malt combine with oats, dark Munich and roasted malts to create a wonderfully smooth, complex beer.

Alc. by Vol. 9.3%


This rich dark ale spent six months in a Maker’s Mark whiskey barrel. The oak barrel contributes wonderful coconut and vanilla notes that perfectly compliment the smooth darkness of the Baltic porter. Named after the Baltic god of fermentation, Raugupatis is a super limited batch of 250 bottles released in celebration of Asheville’s Annual Beer Week.

Alc. by Vol. 8.7%