What’s On Tap



This blonde wheat sour ale has been wild fermented and aged for a full year in oak barrels. The addition of special “Snozzberries” gives the beer its beautiful color, fruity aroma and complex flavor. Like a Golden Ticket, this is a Special Limited Release.

Tart and fruity, this Sour Saison is delicious with a nice funky backbone along with an overwhelming peachy character. After all is said and done, you know this beer would never do you no wrong.

Norwegian brewers have an old tradition of brewing a beer and storing it so if they passed away during the year there would be beer for their funeral. If they didn’t die they would drink it in celebration. Our specialty brewer Mike is following this tradition with this pitch black strong ale aged for 12 months in whiskey barrels. Mike made it through another year so the public gets to enjoy this beer that is so black that if you ask how much more black it could be, the answer is none…..none more black.

Robust and warming, this stout has hints of coffee and dark chocolate. A complex variety of roasted malts, and moderate hopping temper the pleasant sweetness of this brew. This special batch lurked in our cellar until our brewers felt it was worthy of its name. 95 rating on ratebeer.com

We blended 3 years of our famous Snozzberry base to create a new, unfruited, 3 year American Blonde Sour. With all the vibrant notes from souring this new addition will have your saddles blazing and pronouncing Frankenstein as Fronkensteen. A perfect balance of silliness, sophistication, and skill.

**Other offerings such as: cider, wine, and non-alcoholic beverages available in the tasting room. Just ask one of our bartenders and they will be able to help you!