Taproom Exclusives

We utilize the original 10bbl brewhouse inside Dirty Jack's as our dedicated small batch system. Our head brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our Taprooms.

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Nebulous Haze

Hazy IPA

In awe of the stellar beauty brought to our eyes by the James Webb space telescope, we feel lost in the Nebulous Haze of our ever expanding universe. Inspired by the celestial pulchritude of the cosmos, we created this new Hazy IPA. Built around a simple malt base of Pilsner malt, raw wheat, two types of oats and hit with a heavy dose of Cryo Pop hop blend in the Whirlpool. Fermented with our house English ale strain before being judiciously double dry hopped with NZ Motueka and more Cryo hop blend. Expect heavy notes of lime daiquiris, mango, papaya & green melon, along with hints of apricot and peach in the aroma and flavor. Light notes of dank nugs and grapefruit come through in the finish, along with a faint hop burn. A creamy mouthfeel and low carbonation make this a sublimely decadent libation

6.4% ABV

On Draft @ Green Mansion

All Citra All The Time

Hazy IPA

What time is it? Citra Time!! Known and loved by almost every hophead on Earth, Citra is the highest acreage hop grown in the US. We went all in, using Citra in 3 forms in this double dry hopped hazy IPA. A citrus forward low, bitterness IPA with notes of orange zest, skittles, tangerine flesh, grapefruit peel and passionfruit dancing across your tongue. A hop adventure through the mystic land of Citra.

6.8% ABV

On Draft @ Green Mansion

Rime Ice Cold IPA

Cold IPA

Cold IPA isn't just a rebranding of IPL. While brewed with a lager yeast, it is fermented warm and does not see an extended aging or lagering time. Made with a grain bill of 2-row pilsner malt and rice, like your favorite big brewer domestic lager. But unlike that fizzy yellow water, it's hopped like a west coast IPA, to create a crisp, bitter beer bursting with hop flavor. Hit with a heavy dose of Idaho 7 & chinook in the whirlpool, before being dry hopped at almost 4lbs/bbl of Mosaic, Citra Cryo and Crosby Farms Strata. Expect hop notes of pine, and dank green with hints of lemony citrus and a touch of cracker from the malt. Rime ice forms when supercooled water liquid droplets freeze onto surfaces. We hope this beer can supercool you during the heat of this summer!

6.5% ABV

On Draft @ Green Mansion

Grüner Mann


Radler, meaning cyclist in German, was originally made with a 50/50 blend of a light-colored beer and fruit soda. We took this idea and adjusted it a bit, using our house Lager and then backsweetened it by blending in Grapefruit & Blood orange puree to achieve the sweet fruity component of Radler. The OG Man-mosa, this beer is crisp, fruity, bright and refreshing, perfect for a hot summer day on the river or lake. Because this beer contains unfermented sugars, IT MUST BE KEPT COLD AT ALL TIMES, to prevent refermentation in the can. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do, PROST!!

3.8% ABV

16oz Cans

Still the Willow Weeps

Baltic Porter

A rich, malty and roasty porter fermented with lager yeast and cold conditioned for 2 months before being released. Built upon the Baltic style Porters of Eastern Europe, we blended German and English malts, German hops and our house lager yeast, to produce this deceptively easy drinking beer. Expect loads of dark malt character from dark chocolate to espresso roast coffee to dark fruits and nuts. This beer is rich and complex, yet quaffable. Prost!

7.3% ABV

On Draft @ Green Mansion

Big Beautiful Barley Wine


Our version of an American Barleywine, made with only the finest American 2-row, a touch of British crystal and loaded down with classic PNW hops. This easy drinking, sipper has a bracing bitterness that overpowers the light caramel sweetness. Punchy hop flavors of pine & resin dominate with supporting notes of citrus pith and a touch of earthiness. A beer for the depths of winter that will satisfy the hopheads need for those classic PNW hop flavors and aromas. Be careful, the drinkability of this beer hides its higher ABV well.

9.7% ABV

On Draft @ Green Mansion

Too Damn Fine

Kellerpils Lager

You can never have too much of a good thing. This is how we feel about pilsners. Crisp, hoppy and refreshing, with enough complexity to pontificate about and simple enough to be an everyday crusher. This unfiltered Kellerpils is a riff on our Damn Fine Pilsner. We kept the same grain bill and hopping regime, but boosted the hop complexity with the addition of German Tettnang. We ferment low and slow with our house lager yeast before spunding for natural carbonation and lagering for 8 weeks. The results speak for themselves, bright noble hoppiness shines atop the light malt base, creating a delicious and quaffable pint. PROST!

4.7% ABV

On Draft

Red Barchetta 2022


This beer is a west coast style double red ale, dry-hopped with both Chinook and Simcoe hops. The flavor is a blend of complex caramel malt character ranging from toffee to dried fruit & molasses, accompanied by mouth coating hop resin, pine, candied orange peel & grapefruit pith. Chewy, full flavored with a firm bitterness, this beer is a throwback to the hoppy red ales of years gone by. Watch out, the Nostalgia might getcha.

6.5% ABV

On Draft

Bernie's Hot Lick

Pre-Prohibition Pilsner

A Pre-prohibition pilsner made with the local homebrew club, M.A.L.T. Made in honor of Bernie Kessel, an active member who recently passed away. Bernie, was a lover of the Pre-prohibition style pilsner, and brewed the style many times during his storied homebrewing adventures. In honor of his passion for the style we went back and scoured history, and old brewing articles to find inspiration for this recipe. We utilized a base of North American 6-row malt & 27.5% corn for the grist, and then hopped it with Cluster, CZ Saaz & Hallertau Mittelfruh, to keep it as old-school as possible. Fermented low and slow with our house lager strain, before being spund for natural carbonation, and lagered for 3 weeks. The results do not disappoint! Refreshing, but rustic, and with more flavor then a standard American lager. A medium bitterness helps balance the sweetness from the corn, and adds complexity to the easy drinking nature of
this fine lager. To Bernie!!

4.9% ABV

On Draft

Coattail Rider

Czech Session Lager

A session pilsner, modeled after the most drank beer style in the Czech Republic. Easy drinking, crisp, bitter and dry, this beer is made for crushing by the liter. All the flavors and aromas you'd expect from a Czech-style Pilsner but at an easy drinking 3.5%ABV. A showcase for Bohemian floor-malted pilsner malt and Czech Saaz hops to shine. Fermented low and slow, lagered for 3 weeks and filtered clear, before its release to quench the thirst of Ashevillians and tourists alike. Prost!!

3.5% ABV

On Draft @ Dirty Jacks

Hoppy Blonde 2022

Blonde Ale

A beer to honor the one that keeps it all hopping for us here at the brewery. Our owner's tireless hard work & dedication is inspiring! This hoppy blonde ale is light and beautiful just like the woman behind the Man. Wendy, we are grateful for you! Nice honey and sweet malt flavor upfront with hints of pine/dank intermingled with low citrus and floral notes. Hop flavor is subdued in comparison with the aroma. Crisp and refreshing with a mild bitterness that doesn't linger, and a finish that is balanced.

5.3 % ABV

On Draft

No Room 4 Cream

Coffee Blonde Ale

Our most popular coffee beer, No Room 4 Cream is a lightly hopped blonde ale that then is recirculated through an ever changing variety of whole bean coffee from our friends at Penny Cup Coffee. Expect notes of a classic cup of coffee on the nose with wafts of shortbread biscuit, honey and lemon. At the first sip you will find flavors reminiscent of light cocoa, dark stone fruit and a hint of lemony acidity. An easy drinker for the coffee lover in your life.

5.2% ABV

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Utilizing our original 10bbl brewhouse as our dedicated small batch system, Head Brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our Taprooms.

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