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Utilizing our original 10bbl brewhouse as our dedicated small batch system, Head Brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our Taprooms.

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The Meadow


A Wiesnbier, now the number one style served at Munich's annual Oktoberfest, these lagers drink like higher ABV Helles lager. Expect crisp malt flavors of honey, hay and cracker balanced by the Noble hop character of Imported German Hallertau Mittelfruh. A showcase for Epiphany Malts Ursprung Fest malt, a locally malted barley that is imported from Germany. This malt is a passion project of the Bavarian born Maltster at Epiphany Malt, Sebastian Wolfrum. The barley is sourced from the same farm that exclusively supplies the famed Bavarian breweries, Augustiner Brau & Ayinger Brau. It is then malted specifically to make Festbier. this delicious, quaffable lager is made to be drank all day by the liter in packed tents while reveling with friends new and old. We take our time with this lager, step mashing, fermenting low and slow, spunding to create natural carbonation and then lagering cold for 8 weeks. PROST!

Westcyde IPA


A take on the new school west coast IPAs made popular by San Diego & Bay area brewers. Hazy, but with a drier finish and a more pronounced hop bitterness then the New England style. A blend of both coasts, that result in a something deliciously in between. Expect notes of pine, resin and dank to intermingle with classic citrus fruit and pith and a touch of tropical pineapple.

WNC Love


WNC Love supports our friends and neighbors to the west in Haywood County, who experienced historical flooding during Tropical Depression Fred. Many people lost their homes, cars and worldly possessions. This beers proceeds will help support those people through donations to charities helping with flood relief. A DDH New England-style pale ale loaded with citrus and tropical fruit flavors from the judicious use of hops in the whirlpool and dry hop. Expect notes of orange creamsicles blended into mango smoothies, and hints of pineapple, vanilla and a faint hint of a popular Sativa strain.



A bracingly sour beer, loaded with Key lime and Meyer lemon in the brite tank. Expect dominating flavors of Lime and Lemon balanced by a creamy body and a touch of salinity. Notes of lemon starbursts and lime skittles are layered onto of the creamy notes of key lime pie filling along with notes of Lemon Girl Scout cookies. Perfect for the waning dog days of summer. This pucker inducing sour beer might just make you miss your shot or yell "Fore!!" as you slice the ball into the cart path.

Turkish Coffee Milk Stout


Made With Honduras Californeo, a Honey-processed coffee imported by De La Finca and roasted in Boone, NC by Hatchet Coffee. We had this coffee ground extra fine and then used the traditional Turkish method of coffee brewing. This method involves bringing water to a boil, then removing from heat and adding the extra fine ground coffee directly to the water and stirring to incorporate, the mixture is then brought to a boil and removed from heat again to stir. We then added green cardamom seed to the mixture and brought to a boil again before removing from heat and stirring once more. We then allow the coffee to sit so that the fine grounds will settle out and then removed the liquid before injecting it into the finished milk stout. this coffee has the consistency of hot cocoa and the intense full bodied coffee experience of espresso, the green cardamom lends a citrus and floral complexity to the aroma and flavor. @delafincacoffee @hatchetcoffee

Vietnamese Coffee Stout


A creamy milk stout layered blended with a medium roast coffee from Honduras that presents with more milk chocolate and cacao then any real coffee flavors. A sweet full bodied beer with a low bitterness and a delicious coffee and chocolate mix of flavors throughout. Hints of cherry cola come through in the nose and blend well with the chocolate character of this particular coffee. Made using coffee roasted at Hatchet Coffee company in Boone, NC this is the sister beer of our Turkish Coffee Milk Stout.

Choice As


A more West Coast style Hazy IPA, showcasing the bright, unique characters of two of New Zealand's most prominent hop varieties, and Citra to accent those characters. Made using Yakima Chief's new "hop survivable" blend, Cryo Pop in the whirlpool at 175F, and then dry-hopped 3 times over the course of fermentation with Motueka, Nelson Sauvin and Citra Cryo. Expect loads of melon, pineapple, gooseberry and citrus, along with a touch of green dank and light diesel.

Toby the Great


A light crushable low alcohol lager brewed with 96% Oak Smoked Wheat malt and hopped with Czech Saaz. A great summertime drinker with a deceivingly light smokiness for the amount of smoked malt used. Named in Honor of Toby the Great Gecko, Polish Lizard King of East Asheville. He was a beloved pet who will be missed. Please raise a glass to Toby and enjoy this lightly smoked session lager, Twoje zdrowie!

Mai Tai Bock


A riff on the Mai Tai, we built an quaffable Maibock with a bit of rice to lighten the body and Belgian candi syrup to make a touch of light rum come through. Additions of pineapple and Meyer lemon builds on the fruit forward complexity of these cocktails, and the use of bitter orange peel, sweet orange peel, and dried Persian limes add a bit of character that usually is found in bitter orange liqueurs.

Loud Mouth Soup Hazy IPA


A citrus forward Hazy IPA with a low bitterness, citrus and pineapple forward nose and a flavor to compliment. Easy drinking with a low carbonation that enhances the mouthfeel and provides a smooth body for the hop flavors to dance around on.



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Utilizing our original 10bbl brewhouse as our dedicated small batch system, Head Brewer Kyle McKenzie is constantly sourcing unique ingredients from around the world to create one-of-a-kind ales and lagers exclusive to our...

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