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The spirit of Green Man can be found fermenting at Dirty Jack’s on groovy Buxton Avenue, Green Man’s original (and Asheville's first) taproom. Dirty's is also where we brew all of our specialty and taproom exclusive beer. The bar is laid into the brewery so you can enjoy a pint while observing the legendary Green Man brewers in action. Dirty Jack's is also the original home for Asheville soccer fans. Games are shown on 3 big screen TV's, so find a spot and cheer on your favorites. If you love a local vibe, this is your place, kept just dirty enough to feel like home! Our new tasting room and packaging hall, The Green Mansion, is just down the street on the corner of Buxton and Lexington Avenue. Make sure to check out both!

Dirty Jack’s has an outdoor patio and welcomes all, including your kids and especially dogs. Please bring your domesticated ones leashed. 

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