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Green Man beers are all natural; the main ingredients consist of malted barley, hops, water and yeast. Our beers use a natural clarifying agent that is derived from kelp. Some of the specialty beers may contain wheat or rye. Additionally our specialty beers may contain other sugars, such as brown or turbinado sugar, but these are typically fermented entirely by the yeast. If we do, it will be stated on the label, or on our description in our pub. Sometimes we use cacao or other forms of chocolate, and this will also be stated in the beer’s description. We occasionally use fruit in some of our beers. We never use corn syrup of any kind.

Our flagships are all fermented with our house ale yeast, and we use a variety of strains of yeast depending on the style.  Even though we filter most of our beers for clarity, some styles are left with traces of yeast present.

We filter most of our offerings for appearance and to improve shelf life, but we do not filter heavily, or pasteurize. We feel our beers taste better this way. All of our barley and hop varieties are non-GMO, and all natural, processed by traditional methods, without additives or chemicals.

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